Move up to laser-fast surveying and mapping with Point Cloud Solutions.

Put the power of 3D environment scanning in the palm of your hand.


Supercharge Your Work Process

Survey and map sites in minutes, not days, with the revolutionary GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO.

Light, compact, and engineered for 100Hz line speed, the ZEB-REVO produces 2.5x more scan lines than the SLAM technology introduced with the ZEB1 and a more structured point cloud.

Never a need to stand still, and no tripod set-ups, the GeoSLAM line is fully portable and payload operable. Map at walking speed or mount on an ATV or other carrying device. The ZEB-REVO is a self-rotating, handheld scanner that simplifies 3D mapping and surveying for:

  • Floorplans and as-builts
  • Construction sites
  • Oil and energy projects
  • Forestry targets
  • Mining
  • Naval architecture
  • Stockpile
  • Asset management
  • Forensics

The ZEB-REVO is engineered to scan and process 3000 sq/ft in minutes. It offers enhanced scan “noise” reduction in greater measurement points and the same handheld strengths of the ZEB1 for irregular terrain, staircases, and non-GPS scan areas. It can be mounted on a cart ATV or a drone for lightning efficiency indoors or mapping hazardous or inaccessible environments.

And, ZEB-REVO point cloud data processing happens in the way that works best for you. Choose:

  • Small volume processing and cloud service on user-fee basis, or
  • In-house lifetime point cloud data processing license capabilities on your own networked or stand-alone machines. No internet required.

Dot Product

Instantly Capture, View, and Process Highly-Detailed 3D Models

Scan key targets and installations as big as rooms in minutes with hyper-efficient, tablet- processed point clouds.

Inexpensive, self-contained, and compact, the DPI-8 from Dot Product gives real-time, on-screen capture view and converts a room-size scan to an email-ready model in moments. And, it writes to industry CAD file types.

Accuracy is up to 99.8% at points across the scan range. Scans can be automatically registered together on a tablet and can also be referenced with flat or spherical targets, inventoried as tiles, and shared with a smartphone co-app for team view and measurement. The automatic feature-extraction tool capability brings piping diagram function to your team for hundreds of dollars, not thousands. Ideal for:

  • Vents and stack details
  • Construction sites
  • Environmental study
  • Mining features and installations
  • Naval architecture and refitting
  • Energy sector well and manifold inventory
  • Manufacturing and equipment layouts
  • Asset management
  • Forensics
  • Aviation aerospace
  • Military and security

The DPI-8 and DPI-8SR are designed to scan indoors or outdoors (capture is reduced in bright ambient lighting) at 1-3m and 0-1m SR.

No extensive user training is required, and the units are robust and adaptable. Outstanding for fleet usage, the tablets are self-contained and act as their own scan storage device and battery packs. Wi-Fi, memory card, and USB offloading of data are all supported. No leveling, tripods, or arbitrary scan start points are necessary.

Building data capture capability with Dot Product brings you a well-engineered and agile solution. Design considerations, such as three-point contact handhold requirements in industrial environments, are met in a totally-portable mobile 3D scan package. This combination of effective and extremely usable scanner hardware and industry leading software will create efficiency in field documentation and revenue capability for service providers.

Visit Dot Product for more details or to access demos.

Canadian and global customers can purchase through Point Cloud Solutions for a bundle pricing advantage.

Contact Point Cloud Solutions for any additional information.


One Software for ALL Point Clouds

PointCab allows for intense speed, automated functions, file size optimization, and universal transfer of your point cloud data into intelligently modeled results.

PointCab features:

  • Extensive read and write file capability
  • Point clouds from photogrammetry
  • Match high-resolution photos
  • Panorama
  • Registers unlike file types together
  • Identify, calculate, and document measurements
  • Vectorize
  • Meshing
  • Volume
  • Deviation
  • Unfolding of 3D surfaces
  • Auto-ortho view generation (instant floorplans)
  • Web sharing and presentation tools

Available as a 2D or 3D toolkit and as a plug-in module to work with Revit, Rhine, Scene, etc.

Full software, academic/student licenses, and full-usage trial and lease options for:

  • Floorplans
  • Instant fire plans
  • Space planning
  • Mining visualization and calculation
  • Tank inspection render
  • Stockpile calculations
  • Asset management
  • Crime scene layout

PointCab‘s capabilities operate with everyday computing hardware, with no specialized workstation or heavily spec’d laptop requirements.

Point cloud file size is automatically reduced with no loss in data. PointCab is an innovator with constant additions in capability and specific tie-ins for an increasing number of corresponding industry software.

See the PointCab software for more details or for demos.
Canadian and global customers can purchase through Point Cloud Solutions for a bundle pricing advantage.
Contact Point Cloud Solutions for any additional information.


Leasing, Proof of Concept Services, and Buyback Program
Point Cloud Solutions is pleased to offer three programs which will help your organization move into Lidar data with in-house survey capability, out-maneuver the competitor’s survey and mapping methods, and free up operating hours:

Hardware and Processing Leasing Packages

  • Zeb1 self-mapping scanner with full vehicle mount kit and HD cases
  • Unlimited Processing and Revo Scanner
  • Full software loaded i7 16GB laptop field processor available. Instant ramp-up and no security or network barriers. Quick online survey operator and file processing training package.
  • Dot Product trial demo/lease at $500.00
  • PointCab software as monthly lease – add capability, free up capital even on software

Proof of Concept Packages

An engineered solution implementing ZEB-REVO and SLAM Lidar or our other products, including workflow design, software integration, and yielding data and output you own available anywhere globally. All hardware, software, and on-site engineer supplied. Agreed value, plus travel and expenses.

Hardware Buyback

We offer the only standing buyback program for existing Revo hardware customers. We can hold or apply value to your handheld mapping assets for technology renewal or project rollover. Keep the advantage of the ongoing GeoSLAM developments while your operational needs change.

Need to expand your project’s mobile survey temporarily? We have returned-from-service units available for sale or lease as above.

Trust Proven Experience and Expertise

Point Cloud Solutions is Canada’s exclusive manufacturer-recognized distributor for GeoSLAM 3D laser scanners, Dot Product and Phi 3D scan systems, and PointCab software.

Point Cloud also is an authorized source for Leica/Hexagon geospatial equipment and software in Canada, an Autodesk Developer Network member, and your Canadian source for your specific survey, mapping, and scan needs. We are registered as importers of equipment and successful vendors to government, education, and enterprise in Canada and globally.

Point Cloud Solutions is a wholly Canadian entity with projects worldwide.

Continuously developed by industry partner Australia’s CSIRO, the technology research agency responsible for Wi-Fi patents and the polymer banknote, this unique self-mapping mining device has found applications in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Coastal
  • Conservation
  • Forestry
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Defense and aerospace
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Forensics
  • GIS
  • BIM

We support responsible industries, socially conscious relationships, and honest and fair business practices.

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